Adam's EP 'Is that Lust Or Love?
Adam's EP 'Is that Lust Or Love?

Adam’s EP ‘Is that Lust Or Love?’: A Groundbreaking Fusion of Electro and EBM

Adam’s (BE) latest EP, titled Is that Lust Or Love?, presents an intriguing fusion of electro and EBM, with a touch that might even be reminiscent of the ‘new beat’ era. The track Blow stands out with its funky vibe, showcasing a unique blend of electro elements. Tussle takes the funkiness a step further, cleverly playing with samples to enhance the thematic experience. Shifting gears, Die Hölle adopts a more EBM-oriented approach, complemented by a trancy synthline that ensures its place as a dancefloor filler. The EP’s versatility is evident in Augusta GA Dreaming, featuring three distinct mixes, each deserving exploration. As a bonus, the Techno Version of Lust Killer adds an extra layer of depth to the collection. Originally released on Side-Line Magazine’s Electronic Bodies – Session 1, Adam’s EP stands as a groundbreaking and forward-thinking addition to any music collection. FenixFire Records continues to lead the way in pushing musical boundaries.

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