Cassie Raptor Releases Highly-Anticipated Debut Album ‘Predator’

Rising from the underground shadows to international stardom, Cassie Raptor has left an indelible mark on the global dance music scene in recent years with her untameable strain of hard-hitting, industrial techno. Releasing a string of preview singles in preparation for her debut studio album, ‘Predator’, now comes the time for Cassie to unleash the full 8-track record to a community who have eagerly awaited its arrival. 

Drawing inspiration from her formative years spent amidst the clangor of industrial sites, Raptor has nurtured a sonic identity that pulsates with primal allure and fierce dynamism. With wide influences ranging from legends like Rammstein to avant-garde pioneers like Fever Ray, Cassie Raptor has created a sonic landscape that is as darkly curious as it is electrifying. 

Shaped by her time on the European club circuit, where she regularly graces the scene’s legendary warehouse hubs, Cassie’s ‘Predator’ is an homage to the storied club culture of the continent. It is within these immersive spaces, where sweat mingles with strobe lights and music becomes a visceral experience, that Raptor found her voice. A sonic exploration into her lust for industrial hot spots and high BPM cuts, ‘Predator’ is the culmination of her tenacity, artistry and inimitable passion for techno’s undeniable persuasion. 

Each track is built as a chapter in the saga of the savage Raptor; a creature of feral instinct and unbridled brutality. From the haunting underbelly of the “Cold Room, The Freeze Response” to the frenetic energy of “Wake The F*ck Up!”, Cassie Raptor’s magnum opus is a primal force to be reckoned with. A visceral escape for the human psyche’s abyssal depths, ‘Predator’ is a raw exploration of primal intuition and incandescent fury that awakens its audience on more than one sensory level. 

Within the arsenal of techno weapons that make up the eight-track oeuvre are the scintillating “Ghost Walk With Me” and “Alter Dimension” that play upon the dichotomy of twinkling synths and thunderous percussion. Much like its lead single “The Trap”, these cuts present an alternative facet to Raptor’s sound profile; one where etherealism meets ferocity in cathartic spirit. 

In the heart of the urban sprawl, where the concrete jungle meets the remnants of forgotten industry, Cassie Raptor’s ‘Predator’ is born. Prepare to be ensnared. Prepare to be captivated. Prepare to unleash your inner predator. 

Cassie Raptor – The Predator (Album) is out now:

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