Lights’ is the highly anticipated collaboration track from liquidfiveJoel Coopa and Alltag, which sees the trio team up to bring an exciting new electro dance anthem to global speakers. Martin Maximilian Kotzur, aka liquidfive’s hits’ Veins,’ ‘Don’t Look Back,’ and ‘Falling Apart’ to name a few of his many productions, have gathered international fame, gracing club, and festival dancefloors in an assortment of countries over the years. No stranger to a collaboration piece as well, his previous works have seen him team up with the likes of Tom Novy, Joe Killington, CARSTN, Andru Donalds, the famous voice of ENIGMA and B Martin.

From the get-go, ‘Lights’ immerses you in its rhythm with a steady kick pattern that soon intertwines with mystical vocals and soft basslines. The song’s ethereal vocals and electro-meets-trance components create a mesmerizing soundscape that transports you to realms of euphoria. Each build-up leads to moments of bliss, holding you in suspense before the peak falls into a drop, weaving a tapestry of deep kicks, snappy claps, and melodic synths.

This exciting new piece features two unreal talents who have taken the music world by storm. German DJ and producer Joel Coopa, a man who started off DJing at a young age under the name of Christian Prieß. Since then, he has also turned his skills to producing and gathering upwards of 10 million streams on Spotify alone with his top hit, ‘Where Are you Now’. Joining the two on ‘Lights’ is also the young star Alltrag, whose career was launched into the fast lane with his debut single ‘Planet Soul’, which has accumulated over 6.5 million streams.

‘Lights’ is the perfect combination track shining bright in any playlist this summer.

Listen to the new track here!

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