Eli & Fur announce new Album ‘Dreamscapes’, unveil first ever Live Stage Shows

Producer/DJ/songwriter/singer duo Eli & Fur whose debut LP ‘Found in the Wild’ was a number 1 Electronic Album, now announce their sophomore album ‘Dreamscapes’ on [PIAS] Électronique, accompanied by three brand new international live shows, at The Fonda (LA), Brooklyn Steel (New York) and London’s Village Underground this Autumn. The LP is heralded by new single ‘Golden Eyes and Tears’, out now.  
‘Golden Eyes and Tears’: Hissing static, plangent isolated guitar notes… a tantalising glimpse into the world of ‘Dreamscapes’ through sincere emotion. Born from the quiet hours of the morning as evening comes to a close, ‘Golden Eyes and Tears’ encapsulates the euphoric high of reliving the night’s moments, revealing an ambient soundscape replicating the nostalgia of reminiscing, stirring a sense of excitement, connection and bliss. The duo’s vocals – sultry, sweet but with a world-weary edge – surface in this dream-like dimension to carry listeners home, infusing an analogue warmth further blurring the lines between tangible and fantastical.

‘Golden Eyes and Tears’ is a love song for the thoughtful early mornings. Looking out the window in the taxi on your way home, or just winding down, running through the night in your head. We hope you all enjoy this track in those quieter hours.” – Eli & Fur 
‘Dreamscapes’ LP concept: Rooted in over a decade of unwavering collaboration, this meticulously curated anthology unveils the next evolution of Eli & Fur’s sound, simultaneously revealing their most authentic expression to date. Each composition introduces a new – yet familiar – sensation, offering a poignant demonstration of their songwriting prowess (they began as lyricists for artists inc. Pet Shop Boys, Girls Aloud, The Saturdays), artistic range and technical expertise. Each song tells its own story ‘about the beauty of all corners of the night, dawn to dusk and the flashes in between’. In this nocturnal interlude, the veil between self and surroundings grows thin and time suddenly stands still. As the outside world fades away a sense of solace and sanctuary sets in, opening the door for the ordinary to give way to the extraordinary.
The Live Shows: anticipation has been building to see Eli & Fur play live since their ‘Found In The Wild: Live’ and seminal Cercle set from Skyway, Monte Bianco, last year. Their 2024 new headline shows at Village Underground (London)The Fonda (LA) and Brooklyn Steel (NYC) mark the first time fans can experience an Eli & Fur live performance beyond the screen. Their only shows this year to live audiences, they will breathe a new dimension of life into each album track through live vocals and instruments alongside beloved classics from their catalogue as an immersive experience into Eli & Fur’s ‘dreamscape’. 
Though one of the music industry’s most in-demand acts, Eli & Fur are no overnight sensation, and that’s how they prefer it. Their journey has been one of intention, a deliberate slow burn anchored by their passions as creative spirits that refuse to be boxed in – and most importantly, each other. The new LP and live shows will cement the duo’s reputation as songwriters and musicians as much as DJ/producers.
More on Eli & Fur:  Platonic soulmates intertwined by a shared sonic vision, their talents vivid, mesmerising yet distinct, the London-born, LA-based pair unapologetically push the boundaries of electronic music through a deeply personal lens that is equal parts enigmatic, dark and emotive. Their releases and performances, a symphonic testament to their dynamic perspectives and collective experiences, have firmly positioned the pair at the helm of the house and techno scene, releasing on Crosstown Rebels, Anjunadeep, Cercle, Armada Deep plus their own NYX Music. Their multiple talents include the fashion world, via scintillating collaborations with Stella McCartney and YSL, and performing at Dior shows. Eli & Fur now join the likes of Soulwax, Röyksopp, Daniel Avery, Adiel and Tinlicker on the [PIAS] / [PIAS] Électronique roster. Recent single ‘Insomnia’, now revealed as the first single on the new LP, has already galvanised global crowds at Coachella, Ultra Miami, Red Rocks Colorado.. 
‘Golden Eyes and Tears’ is out now, get it HERE. Watch Music Video HERE ‘Dreamscapes’ will drop September 27th on [PIAS] Électronique. Save it HERE.

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