Frankey & Sandrino Return to Innervisions with ‘Memories’ EP

Out now, the two-part package sees the German duo return to the Berlin-based imprint for their third label outing and marks the first instalment of Innervisions’ new ‘Vertical Farms’ visual concept series.

The saying goes that memories are a mental reliving of experiences – a notion that resonates heavily with Innervisions’ shared past with Frankey & Sandrino. Following on from the storied international success of the duo’s ‘Acamar’ EP in 2015 and their subsequent ‘Mercury’ EP in 2019, the long-standing German imprint is now delighted to welcome Sandrino Tittel and Frank Beckers back for their eagerly anticipated third outing on the label with their ‘Memories’ EP. Volume up, it’s show time.

First up is the majestic title track ‘Memories’, featuring a powerful top line performance from London-based vocalist Charlotte Riby. An inspiring piece of house music elegantly stitched together and forged by the inimitable sound design for which the duo has become so famed, the track’s hypnotic melodies and emotive lyrics transport us into a realm of deep introspection and nostalgia, evoking a sense of longing and reflection.

On the flip, ‘Blue Flash’ sets the course for the things to follow. A more vigorous, up-tempo journey through pulsating rhythms and shimmering synths, the EP closer is characterised by its dynamic chord progressions, infectious arpeggios and intricate layers of sound, inviting listeners to lose themselves in its atmospheric depths and offering a sonic escape from the ordinary.

Available now, Frankey & Sandrino’s ‘Memories’ EP also marks the inaugural release of Innervisions’ innovative new visual concept series, ‘Vertical Farms.’ Inspired by the convergence of art, design and technology, the series aims to transform abstract concepts into tangible visual experiences, resonating with the label’s commitment to pushing creative boundaries.

Speaking about the series, Innervisions label manager Michael Quack commented:

“The idea for this year’s series was based on the development of a concept and its independent realization, as close as possible to our ideas with the help of currently available technology. To transform our personal preferences for design, architecture, fabrics and science into models and textures that absorb these influences from the inside out. We approached the topic of ‘Vertical Farms’ from the starting point of flowerbeds. Incorporating nature with its beauty, colors, scents and the general atmosphere of the space and its inhabitants; a haven for the senses! Yet, we have differentiated between two levels of these flowerbeds – a scenario that takes place above the earth, designed and manipulated by humans, and beyond that a network below the earth, a world that lies in darkness with all its living creatures and structures such as fungi or roots”.

Frankey & Sandrino – Memories EP is out now via Innervisions:

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