Granha - Santa Compaña
Granha - Santa Compaña

Granha – Santa Compaña [Samain Music]

After nearly 4 years since his last EP, the talented Galician artist, Granha, unveils his third masterpiece, “Santa Compaña,” released under the banner of Samain Music, marking a significant shift in his productions as he delves into the traditional rhythms of his homeland.

Having relocated to Leipzig (Germany) during this period, Granha returns with a cascade of syncopated beats, synthesizers, bagpipes, and traditional percussion, breathing life into sonic landscapes inspired by the darkness of the Galician night. This album follows the thread of the ancient Galician myth of the Santa Compaña, exploring the solemnity of the procession of souls in anguish.

This Ferrol-born producer and DJ, a key figure in the national downtempo scene with residencies in iconic venues such as Raíces (Ibiza, Barcelona, and Sevilla) and L’a Cultural (Bcn), takes a significant artistic turn by delving into Galician traditional rhythms, bringing them to the dance floors and transporting listeners to a captivating realm where the divine and the earthly intertwine.

The EP comprises three captivating songs in allegorical form. The Xota Gallega, with its 3×4 rhythm, symbolizes the figure of the Estadea, leading the Compaña. Next, the 4×4 Rumba Gallega is dedicated to the Bedoeiro, the one gifted with the ability to see the procession. Finally, the song “Santa Compaña” is an amalgamation with 3×4 percussions and 4×4 synthesizers, capturing the moment when these two mythological characters intersect.

“Santa Compaña” is more than just a musical composition; it is a fascinating journey through the mysterious lands of Galicia, where the mist embraces ancestral forests, and tales of the supernatural intertwine with reality. This work not only pays homage to the rich Galician cultural heritage but also invites you to delve into the hidden mysteries of its lands and people. Discover this unique and enigmatic experience.

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