Hernán Cattaneo & Verlk Remix Soda Stereo’s Iconic Rock Anthem “En la Ciudad de la Furia”

The extraordinary union between Hernán Cattaneo and Verlk brings us a memorable release full of emotion and history: the Remix of “En la Ciudad de la Furia”, one of the most important rock songs in Spanish by the legendary Argentinian group Soda Stereo, in a powerful version by these talented innovators of sound and music.    

Hernán Cattaneo tells us about this project:

In the last few years, I have done some small electronic edits of Gustavo Cerati’s songs to finish shows in Argentina and they all had a very good impact. At the same time, my friend Verlk and I had been talking for a while about making a remix of “En La Ciudad de la Furia” together, since it was one of our favorite Soda Stereo songs.

So, when my shows at Ciudad Universitaria in Buenos Aires (March 2023) were finally announced, the first thing we thought was that there was no better place to play that remix and we activated the project to be able to close Sunsetstrip Buenos Aires with our version. It was very exciting to experience that finale with Soda Stereo, the huge screens on fire from end to end and the audience full of surprise and excitement. With honor and pride, we are now able to publish it and share it with all of you.”

Verlk continues:

“The first live show I attended was Soda Stereo’s official presentation of their album Dynamo at Obras Stadium, with a young Babasónicos as their opening act. To be part of an official remix of the band 30 years later is not only a great honor, but also an exciting convergence.”

While preparing his next Sunsetstrip, which will undoubtedly be overwhelming again, Hernán Cattaneo premieres together with the multi-instrumentalist Verlk, the remix that crowned the closing of the last edition in Buenos Aires and provoked the ovation of a whole crowd, captivated by the glorious sound of this song that has reached unsurpassed levels of permanence and transcendence.

The Argentinian DJ confirmed the 4th edition of Sunsetstrip Buenos Aires, inviting you to live two unforgettable sunsets that will take place on March 2nd and 3rd at Ciudad Universitaria with a new surpassing proposal.

Soda Stereo – En la Ciudad de la Furia (Hernan Cattaneo & Verlk Remixes) is out now:

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