HUGEL Drops Official Remix of LATIN MAFIA and Humbe’s 2023 Single ‘Patadas de Ahogado’

French house DJ HUGEL is dropping his eagerly awaited rework of the LATIN MAFIA ft. Humbe romance anthem, ‘Patadas de Ahogado’. Since teasing the track on TikTok last month, HUGEL’s rework has exploded online, amassing millions of views across various platforms and generating immense anticipation for today’s full-length release.

The original single was released in November 2023, reaching over 90 million streams to date and topping charts across the Americas. Three brothers from Monterrey, Mexico, LATIN MAFIA have gained widespread acclaim for their ambient electro tracks, characterized by soulful pop melodies and experimental beats. On ‘Patadas de Ahogado’, the trio teamed up with emerging Mexican singer Humbe, who brought his own depth to the highly emotive, touching song. 

Now, imparting his exquisitely-crafted production techniques and trademark sonics to LATIN MAFIA and Humbe’s 2023 hit single, HUGEL’s light-hearted treatment brings this poignant piece of Latin pop music into a new and exciting realm, as he delivers a luscious slice of vocal house which enchants from the off. Humbe’s longing lyrics are underpinned by HUGEL’s hypnotic melodies and organic polyrhythms, which puncture the experimental beats of the original into to a dynamic new format. A staple in HUGEL’s live performances over the last few months, the Frenchman’s innate ability to captivate his listener is second-to-none, as he combines infectious soundscapes with emotive tones to masterful effect.

‘Patadas de Ahogado’ is a Mexican term that loosely translates to “clutching at straws”. The lyrics tell the story of an all-encompassing love that lasts a lifetime. The artists sing about giving everything to a person, for someone they want to be with until their old age, when they will be “smoking cigarettes and watering plants”. 

Instigator of the Latin House movement with his huge 2021 hit ‘Morenita’, HUGEL is a multi gold and platinum-selling artist with over 1 Billion streams to his name. Raised on funk, disco and soul – and influenced from an early age by the likes of Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier, Daft Punk, Amine Edge and David Guetta, amongst others – HUGEL’s unique strain of house music is heavily inspired by the Balearic islands and the Mediterranean culture of his home town of Marseilles, resulting in a heady mix of Latin, Oriental, and tribal rhythms.

Selling out shows in America, including at Space (Miami), Avant Gardner (NYC) and Day Trip (Los Angeles), HUGEL has also held residencies at Pacha and Ushuaia in Ibiza, and has played some of the biggest festivals in the world including Burning Man, EDC Vegas, E Forest, EDC Mexico, EDC Orlando, Tomorrowland, Lollapalooza, Parookaville, World Club Dome and Mysteryland, to name a few.

LATIN MAFIA and Humbe – Patadas de Ahogado (HUGEL Remix) is out now:

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