“Imagination Dream” by JP Lantieri: A captivating journey through Melodic House and Techno

Parisian artist JP Lantieri returns with his new EP “Imagination Dream“, released on Sounds of Krafted, showcasing a refined exploration of melodic house and techno nuances.

The title track, “Imagination Dream“, enchants listeners with ethereal melodies and enveloping rhythms, transporting them to a dreamlike world.

Following is “Dystopian Odyssey“, a composition that combines futuristic atmospheres with a hypnotic groove, creating a fascinating and immersive soundscape.

The EP concludes with “Snowy Summer“, a track that plays on seasonal contrasts, blending deep, enveloping sounds that evoke both winter and summer sensations.

With this EP, JP Lantieri once again demonstrates his extraordinary talent in music production, offering genre enthusiasts a unique and magical sonic experience.

Imagination Dream” EP is out – Buy here

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