Chillrave Vol. 3
Chillrave Vol. 3

Leveldva’s Musical Odyssey: 27-Track ChillRave Compilation Featuring Geju, Dad of The Year, Coss, Acid Pauli, and More…

The ethereal world of Leveldva’s Chillrave music has cast a spell on my senses. It’s been a year in the making, during which Leveldva embarked on a global expedition in pursuit of auditory perfection. They ventured through the South American desert’s untamed jungles, explored the mysterious cellars of Berlin, pedaled along the vibrant streets of Amsterdam’s red-green roads, took command of sold-out boat parties in New York, gracefully hurdled Mexican potholes while immersing themselves in intimate Istanbul bars, and found tranquility by the serene Nevada lakeshores—all in their relentless quest for a set of harmonies that beckon us into an immaculately circular dance.

In the captivating soundscape crafted by Leveldva, I’ve uncovered a secret reminiscent of mermaid lore—a testament to the profound journey behind their music. Yet, I must exercise caution when diving into this musical realm, for its allure has the potential to captivate me indefinitely. This extraordinary compilation features 27 tracks, showcasing the talents of artists such as Geju, Dad of The Year, Coss, Acid Pauli, and more, creating an enchanting auditory journey of epic proportions.

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