LIFEFORMS Co-Founder Dr. Nicolas Pinto Makes Label Debut with ‘Chemin’ feat. Bou

Released under his artist alias, Nicoleo, ‘Chemin’ is out now via LIFEFORMS

Launched by German producer Tim Engelhardt and US-based, French technologist Dr. Nicolas Pinto in November 2023, nascent record label LIFEFORMS has been going from strength to strength over the past few months. Following a brace of successful releases from label co-founder Tim Engelhardt and esteemed electronic duo Solique in November and December respectively, the burgeoning, technology-focussed imprint now looks to open its 2024 tally in style, as it welcomes co-founder Pinto for his first release on the label, under his ‘Nicoleo’ moniker.

Out now, Nicoleo lands on LIFEFORMS with his remarkable new house cut ‘Chemin’ ft. Bou. Bringing the listener into his own realm of tripped-out, sonic exploration, Nicoleo’s label debut is a masterclass from the off. With a hazy modular introduction and stripped-back instrumentation making way for a whimsical, dreamlike topline from his wife Bou, Nicoleo’s forward-thinking sound experiment merges with the technological spirit of his musical quest to create a euphoric journey that captivates from the outset. Constructing an impressive assortment of rolling drum loops, ethereal chords progressions and stripped back samples, ‘Chemin’ is a truly spirited offering, with Nicoleo’s deep and rhythmic house grooves providing the perfect tonic to those January blues.

Combining his unrelenting passion for electronic music with an inextinguishable desire to push the envelope in everything that he does, Dr. Nicolas Pinto is a totem figure in the world of AI and blockchain technology, and was instrumental in masterminding the GenAI NFT launch of Dixon and Âme’s Innervisions’ 100th release back in 2021.

Speaking about his label debut, Nicoleo commented:

“In the release ‘Chemin feat. Bou,’ we delve into the journey of personal and artistic growth, a theme that resonates deeply with me. In life, and artistry, there is no single paved way; each one of us has to make our own path. It can be hard and tumultuous, but it’s the only way. This release is about the intricate maze of life’s influences and experiences. Each version of ‘Chemin’ brings a different hue to this rich tapestry, reflecting the diverse colors of our journeys.

My evolution as a music producer is echoed in this piece; from my early days as a hip-hop turntablist in the late 90s, digging for breakbeats in dusty crates, to my more recent explorations in cutting-edge synthesizer sound designs for electronic music. No matter the influence, the soul of my music has always remained groovy and vibrant.

Featuring the enchanting spoken words of Bou, my wife, ‘Chemin’ is a testament to the fact that in the quest of finding our paths in life, we are never alone. It’s a celebration of partnership, growth and the ever-evolving art of music.”

Nicoleo – Chemin feat. Bou is out now via LIFEFORMS:

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