The multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter Lilly Ahlberg arrives on Destructivo, a sub-label of the esteemed Tileyard Music group, with her mesmerizing new single, ’Cold’


Enriched by an evocative vocal that explores themes of heartbreak, vulnerability, and resilience, ‘Cold’ showcases Lilly Ahlberg’s extraordinary talent as a songwriter and performer, revealing an intimate and emotionally charged narrative that will resonate with audiences. The track’s striking instrumental leans into a dark basement territory with its house music energy making it a sure-fire favourite for the night community. 


With a diverse and unique blend of musical influences, Lilly Ahlberg has carved her path in the music industry, becoming known for her distinct style that seamlessly fuses contemporary pop elements with soulful undertones. The Anglo-Swedish artist started her career sharing acoustic covers on YouTube, then later released several well-received scandi-pop singles. Soon after this initial success, collaboration requests began, and Lilly found herself working with electronic music artists like Sondr, VIZE, GotSome and Sonny Fodera. The latter gave rise to the popular club track ‘The Moment’ – igniting her passion for crafting dark, dreamy dance tracks. 


Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Cold,’ Lilly Ahlberg shared:“Cold is about creating problems within a relationship because of a deep fear of vulnerability. It’s about wanting to move on from that but ultimately feeling too frozen to be able to.” 


‘Cold’ is now the latest release in an impressive and growing discography for Lilly Ahlberg. 

Lilly Ahlberg ‘Cold’ is out exclusively on Destructivo. 

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