Malin Linnéa Debuts on Sonido Profundo with Two-Part Fate & Fiction EP

A burgeoning force on the international house music circuit, Swedish artitst Malin Linnéa is quickly garnering a reputation as one of the most exciting, multi-faceted talents in the industry. Known for her eclectic taste in both music and fashion, the now CDMX-based DJ, producer and vocalist presents an emotive sound palette that fuses old school deep house, indie dance and seductive rhythms, to mesmerising effect. Following the critically acclaimed release of her most recent single Haze on Amaya Records, Malin now looks to close out the summer in emphatic fashion, as she announces her latest two-part musical opus, Fate & Fiction EP.

Out now via Brazilian label Sonido Profundo, Fate & Fiction EP marks Malin’s eagerly anticipated debut outing on DJ Albuquerque’s iconic Latin American imprint, following a slew of impressive career releases already on the like of Amaya Records, AMITABHA and Bercana Music, amongst others.

The EP kicks off with the absorbing opener Orb. Ebbing and flowing with hypnotic purpose across its duration, the spellbinding cut delivers everything we’ve come to expect and more from the in-form producer, who continues to showcase her innate knack for creating raw, dynamic

electronic music of the very highest order. A sophisticated offering, led by a complex web of trippy synth structures, Malin’s trademark composite of intelligent, forward-thinking club music shines front and centre, as she pulls out all the stops with a rousing dancefloor weapon.

On the flip is the ethereal closer and EP title track Fate & Fiction. Drawing the package to an immaculate conclusion with dream-like elegance, Malin demonstrates the diversity of her productions credentials as she embarks upon an almost therapeutic journey through consciousness to deliver a truly fitting finale. Collaborating with New York-based vocalist Sage Bava, Malin amalgamates organic melodies and succinct beats with gentle timbres and

Sage’s haunting vocal refrains to wrap a remarkable debut release on Sonido Profundo.

Speaking about the EP release, Malin commented:

“I’ve always had a genre-fluid approach when it comes to both my productions and my DJ sets. For me this is the most interesting way to create and present music but I’ve noticed it confuses many label heads who are not always as open-minded. With Orb my intention was to make a driving track with a rolling bass but also with some feel-good housey elements, such as the emotional vocal snippets and the subtle but slightly euphoric organ. I had just purchased the Soundtoys collection at the time and I was obsessed with manipulating sounds.

With the second track, Fate & Fiction, I wanted to create something that reminded me of an old school deep house record from the early 2000s – the time I got into house music. I initially wrote the lyrics and melody and sang myself, but then last year I met Sage who is an incredible jazz singer in Mexico. She managed to upgrade it to a whole new level. Overall I try to always create contrast in music – I like the play between dark and light, masculine and feminine. If you have a very beautiful vocal or chord progression I always try to add something a little rough and dirty to balance it out.” 

Malin Linnéa – Fate & Fiction EP is out now via Sonido Profundo.

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