MANTi Releases Eureka EP on Kiosk ID

The moniker MANTi is Tehran-born Mana Nabati’s outlet for darkly rolling and mesmeric House and Electronica. With ‘Eureka,’ the Los Angeles-based artist conjures a warmly phasing world of arcing synth swells, blazing arpeggios, and ricocheting Electronica for Kiosk ID no. 028.

Thundering pads, suspended vocal drones, and mangled synth sweeps create a crushing sense of gravitas on ‘Eureka.’ Fizzing white noise drums and a reverential synth hook strobe across the stormy firmament, transforming the shadowy ambience into a forceful Electronica anthem. Murat Uncuoglu’s rendition channels the original’s colossal sweeps into cycling stabs and impacts set to a rolling groove, recasting ‘Eureka’ as a choppy and electric club smasher.

‘Vertigo’ unfolds salvos of brightly glinting arpeggios across a rumbling Electronica beat. Rays of blazing pulse waves cut through the track’s thundering substructure, creating towering apexes of uplifting energy that erupt across the frequency spectrum.

‘Ephemera’ blends gloomy, morphing pads, washed-out vocal swells, and bright piano chords into a darkly surging sequence. Glints of beauty flare across the brooding ambience, coalescing in a sublimely warm sawtooth-driven peak.

With ‘Eureka,’ MANTi weaves a captivating auditory story oscillating between crushing darkness and radiating light. Mangled swells, cascading breaks, and bright rays of angelic synth work merge into a dynamic blend of mesmeric and thought-provoking Electronica.

MANTi – Eureka EP is out now via Kiosk ID:

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