Nicoleo & Ariaty Debut on Around Midnight with ‘Fluid’ (ft. Adji)

For its landmark tenth release, Around Midnight welcomes Nicoleo & Ariaty to the label for their eagerly anticipated collaborative debut, as they present their captivating new single ‘Fluid’.

A mesmerising original created by these two hugely talented producers – Nicoleo, the Frenchie exported to San Francisco, and Ariaty, a well-known producer from the scene – ‘Fluid’ sees the two artists enlist the enchanting vocal expertise of Adji Cissoko and promises an unforgettable musical experience. Rounding off the EP, the three-part package is complete by official remixes from Dorian Craft and Illich Mujica.

Up first, the original mix of ‘Fluid’ by Nicoleo and Ariaty – and driven by Adji’s spoken word vocals – immerses the listener in a sea of emotions. The deep and evocative melodies blend with rich and fluid drums, creating an enchanting atmosphere that takes the listener on an introspective journey.

First up on remix duty, French producer Dorian Craft brings his distinctive touch to ‘Fluid’ with his bold new interpretation of Nicoleo and Ariaty’s original. Blending organic and electronic elements, Dorian Craft creates a hypnotic atmosphere that invites the listener to get lost in the depths of the music, for an unparalleled sensory experience.

Completing the package is Venezuelan-born, New York-bred artist, Illich Mujica, who offers his own fresh perspective on ‘Fluid’ with another spellbinding remix. Playing with textures and rhythms, Mujica brings a dynamic, retro feel to the track, infusing it with an irresistible energy that looks set to captivate dancefloors worldwide.

Nicoleo & Ariaty – Fluid ft. Adji (including remixes from Dorian Craft and Illich Mujica) is out now via Around Midnight:

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