Purified Records Announces Ocean Conservation Partnership with Daniel Nicholson and OnlyOne

Embarking on a new collaborative journey, Purified Records announces its long-term partnership with esteemed underwater photographer Daniel Nicholson and planet-focused platform OnlyOne. The label’s forthcoming releases will showcase Daniel’s mesmerising photography on their artwork, accompanied by ocean and marine life data provided by OnlyOne. This endeavour hopes to shine a spotlight on our oceans, while fostering a greater awareness and knowledge about these remarkable underwater realms.

Kicking off the campaign, Swiss producer Dan Sushi debuts on the imprint with his four-track Titanium EP. Receiving staunch support from Nora En Pure in her sets around the globe, the title track combines eerie synths and raw bass to exude a mysterious and captivating atmosphere. Taking off into a space-like dimension, Open Your Eyes calls upon celestial synths, spoken vocals and thunderous bass. Continuing his sonic voyage with Drift, this instrumental cut moves across a progressive arrangement with shuffling percussion and undulating notes. Closing the collection with Superstition, Dan moves into a deep realm with steady bass, heavy percussion and mystical melodies.

Stream / Purchase: Dan Sushi – Titanium EP

The Titanium EP artwork displays Daniel Nicholson’s impactful close-up of a hammerhead shark. Sharks, often feared and misunderstood, play an indispensable role in the intricate web of marine life. As apex predators, they help regulate the balance of marine ecosystems by controlling prey populations and preventing overgrazing of vital habitats. From the stealthy great white to the curious hammerhead, shark species’ diversity showcases a remarkable range of adaptations that have evolved over millions of years. While some shark populations face grave threats due to finning and overfishing, organisations like Shark Advocates International work tirelessly to dispel misconceptions and advocate for conservation measures that secure their survival. Recognising the importance of sharks in maintaining healthy oceans is essential as we strive to protect their populations and promote a greater understanding of these enigmatic creatures. Several species of hammerhead sharks are listed as vulnerable according to the IUCN.
About Daniel Nicholson:
Daniel Nicholson is one of the globe’s most prominent professional underwater photographers, located on the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia. Born and raised on the east coast of Australia, he has been surrounded by the ocean his whole life. After years of working as a dive instructor, he picked up an underwater camera and instantly fell in love with photography, and has never looked back. He seeks to share the beauty and magic of the underwater world, inspiring conservation and change through capturing scenes from the depths of the ocean and its breathtaking creatures. The oceans are the lungs of our world, and its inhabitants need all the protection we can provide for them.
About OnlyOne:
OnlyOne is on a mission to restore ocean health and tackle the climate crisis in this generation – with you. Their community unites millions of advocates to drive victories on global campaigns, and their membership community grows their own mangrove forests and coral reefs, as well as removes plastic and carbon pollution. They are accelerating the most powerful ocean and climate solutions, with an approach centred on environmental justice. 100% of funds from their membership plans goes directly to projects on the ground.
About Dan Sushi:
Dan Sushi is one half of the Swiss duo Fat Sushi. With releases on some of the most respected labels in music, they have chartered releases on the likes of Einmusika, DAYS like NIGHTS, Odd One Out, Parquet and Katermukke, to name a few. Spending almost two decades in the industry before they joined forces, the producers decided to unite under the moniker Fat Sushi in 2013. Fusing their individual sounds, various musical styles can be heard in their creations, fusing heavy basslines, uplifting melodies and carefully selected vocals – across the deep house and techno spectrum. With shows all over Europe, Asia and the US, the peculiarly named duo have gained serious momentum over the past few years.
In 2023, Dan Sushi decided to start his side project, landing on Purified Records with his debut solo offering in the shape of his Titanium EP.

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