Sahar Lands on ISOLATE with Five-Track ‘Stereo Love’ EP

ISOLATE proudly unveils Sahar’s latest musical venture, “Stereo Love”. A seamless blend of five tracks merging electronic beats and nostalgic tones, this latest release skilfully amalgamates reflective lyricism, vintage instrumentation and pulsating rhythms, showcasing Sahar’s artistic finesse.

The emotional core of the EP resides in its title track, “Stereo Love”; a vivid portrayal of the challenges in early relationships. Imagine two individuals, akin to out-of-phase speakers, seeking harmony amidst the tumult of love. The song’s reflective and positive tone creates an atmosphere that’s both relatable and uplifting, resonating uniquely with listeners.

Progressing through the EP, “Where We’d Be Now” – released as a standalone single on January 19 – explores the landscape of wasted time and lost futures. Vintage-inspired instrumentation, saturated with analog FX, strikes a delicate balance between authenticity and nostalgia. The dreamlike vocals and swung percussion inject hope into the track, while an underlying sense of potential unravelling adds an enchanting layer of complexity to the narrative.

The EP is completed by three tracks designed for peak time club use, as Sahar showcases his versatility as a producer and his commitment to delivering an immersive experience for diverse audiences.

“Freq Ctrl,” the EP’s deepest track, envelops listeners in an atmospheric soundscape, featuring massive bass stabs and a chaotic drop that pushes sonic boundaries.

“That’s Right” takes a different turn, crafting a peak-time, party-starting anthem with hip-hop-influenced vocal samples set to ignite dance floors.

As the EP reaches its pinnacle, “Midnight” emerges as Sahar’s personal favourite in terms of production. Drawing inspiration from the legendary Daft Punk, the track boasts chuggy groove elements and a heavily automated vocoder, creating a dynamic and infectious energy impossible to ignore.

Sahar – Stereo Love is out now via ISOLATE:

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