Blurring the lines of no-nonsense house music and winding R&B grooves, Irish DJ producer Shane Codd drops sound-of-the-summer contender ‘Good To Me’ on TYM Recordings.

‘Good To Me’ immediately infatuates with the instantly recognisable lyrics of the 80s original ‘Just Be Good To Me,’ a certified R&B classic known to get the dancefloor grooving. Shane Codd quickly turns sultry into swagger, laying down an irresistible keys melody and upping the feel-good energy on the driving house beat, which calls to be played out on a mainstage festival sound system. Reaching the final break, pure sonic ecstasy takes over in a melodic outburst that is as effortlessly cool, clean-cut and contemporary as it is true to timeless dance hits of the early 00s – a sure-fire flex of this breakthrough producer’s limitless skillset in the studio. 

Still, in the infancy of his career, Shane Codd presents the ultimate story of a self-taught bedroom DJ/producer to a multi-platinum, globally touring artist. Debut single ‘Get Out My Head’ went straight into the Top 10 official UK singles charts and amassed a whopping 220 million worldwide streams and counting. From here on, it was obvious that Shane Codd was a next-gen star in the making. 

Dopamine-hitting house slammers continue to be the signature sound of Shane Codd, and all-star collaborations have since manifested with Karen Harding, Clementine Douglas, Shift K3Y and more. 

As a DJ, his selections are just as infectious. By popular demand, Shane Codd has led his own headline USA tour, regularly takes up deck duties in Dubai, and can be spotted at festival and club line-ups across the UK, Ireland, and Europe, bringing the summer house heat all year long. 

For Shane Codd, his mantra is simple: create feel-good music that stands the test of time and has the power to soundtrack life-long dancefloor memories. Therefore, it’s no surprise that his latest work, ‘Good To Me,’ is a USB essential for tastemakers on the festival circuit this summer.

Kicking off a jam-packed summer of new releases and collaborations, Shane Codd drops  ‘Good To Me’ on TYM Recordings.


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