Simina Grigoriu Returns To OFF Recordings With Rolling Techno Hit ‘False Prophets’

One of the most prolific artists on the European techno circuit, Simina Grigoriu, has steam-rolled her way through the first half of 2023 with a series of outstanding originals and remixes for a selection of the industry’s leading record labels. Following a mammoth debut on We Are The Brave with ‘Mental Warfare/Feed The Machine’ and a succeeding single for her own Kuukou Records (‘Propeller Punks’), Romania’s home-grown star now returns to OFF Recordings to deliver her latest hit, ‘False Prophets’. 

With over a decade of releases to her name, Simina’s back-catalogue has played an important role in the development of our beloved genre; the evolution of her sound profile presenting her as an act with the scope to enter into the upper echelons of techno. Taking influence from her roots in Romania and Toronto, as well her current base city of Berlin, Simina’s palate leans towards a more stripped-back and refined sound that champions percussion in its most intoxicating form. 

The follow up record to her globally-acclaimed, OFF Recordings release ‘Actuary’, Grigoriu’s ‘False Prophets’ pays homage to 90’s club culture and the industrial techno sound that it catalysed. A deep, resonating kick and rolling percussion give this record its peak-time worth, conducive to the darkened intimate clubs that it is intended for. A blissfully recondite record, Simina’s latest offering is raw and mechanic in its nature, opting for a cathartic blend of industrial timbres and heady melodic synth injections. 

One of the most respected imprints in the dance music space, Berlin-based OFF Recordings has chartered releases from the biggest names in electronic music over its fifteen year-long existence. Run by Andre Crom, the label is considered a rite of passage for many an aspiring producer and is responsible for skyrocketing countless careers. 

Simina Grigoriu – False Prophets is out now via OFF Recordings

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