This summer, electronic music icon Da Hool unleashes rebellious techno anthem which defies the status quo of modern technology – released on the 11th August!

‘Smartphone Killer’ instantly grabs listeners with its ravenous 4-4 beat and raucous bass before the squelching acid line wraps itself around the pulsating rhythms. In an era where smartphones have become extensions of ourselves, ‘Smartphone Killer’ dares to challenge the status quo as futuristic vocals command listeners to ‘destroy’ their ‘smartphones’. Da Hool expertly integrates his 90s influences for a contemporary audience and his composition promises to shake up the global music scene with its rebellious spirit and scintillating acid line, challenging the very essence of modern technology.

Da Hool, also known as Frank Tomiczek, is an esteemed DJ and producer with a career spanning several decades. Hailing from Germany, his innovative sound and genre-defining tracks have earned him a dedicated global fanbase. Known for pushing boundaries and his music rooted in rebellion, Da Hool acted as a catalyst of the unforgettable electronic avant-garde throughout the 90s and continues to shape the electronic music landscape today. This year has already seen Da Hool perform at the globes most prestigious festivals and events, taking his raw and dark sound to Parookaville World Club Dome and Tomorrowland.

Rebel against technology with Da Hool’s new single ‘Smartphone Killer’ out exclusively via Smash The House on the 11th August 2023!

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