Trikk Releases ‘Luxo’ on Innervisions

The stage is set for single two. Following the critically acclaimed release of ‘Rigor’ on Innervisions back in April, Portuguese-Mozambican producer Trikk now returns to the Berlin-based label for his single second release in as many months, with ‘Luxo’.

Those familiar with Trikk’s previous releases will notice a blend of influences ranging from industrial music and post-punk to more organic rhythmic aesthetics. ‘Luxo’ represents a delicate balance of these worlds. As such, the new single rides the wave along a warm and catchy bassline, accompanied by elements that characterise Trikk’s unique musical approach. 

For the track’s artwork, Trikk and Innervisions have collaborated with Joao Castro’s The Royal Studio to craft a self-portrait that evokes the true essence of the music. The image provides a foundation for further elements, creating a captivating visual narrative that complements the music.

Trikk’s musical identity is a formation of life and experience, bringing his unique persona to much acclamation. Behind the name lies a humble (foremost) producer and DJ; one who has made his mark through releases on a precise selection of labels. His reputation is one of an artist who pays acute attention to detail across every avenue, with his carefully curated catalogue of productions gaining mighty respect from fellow DJs and music lovers – dancefloors and beyond, all over.

Trikk – Luxo is out now via Innervisions:

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