Wagon Cookin’ – Carried Away – Nebari Remix [Appetizers Music]
Wagon Cookin’ – Carried Away – Nebari Remix [Appetizers Music]

Wagon Cookin’ – Carried Away (Nebari Remix) [Appetizers Music]

A Melodic Expedition: Wagon Cookin’ Forges a Path for an Extraordinary Remix Series. We start with Nebari.

The dynamic duo behind Wagon Cookin’, Javier and Luis Garayalde, unveil their latest masterpiece, “Carried Away,” to celebrate their 25th anniversary in the music industry. This innovative single continues with a series of remixes, inviting listeners into diverse soundscapes.

Following the resounding success of their personal projects such as Mr. Offbeat and Nebari, released on prestigious labels such as Atjazz Records Company and Melómana, Wagon Cookin’ presents “Carried Away” as a testament to their enduring creativity and evolution. Featuring Aqeel’s unparalleled vocals, this track embodies the essence of their previous creations.

But the journey doesn’t end here. As part of their anniversary celebrations, Wagon Cookin’ presents a series of electrifying remixes, each a unique interpretation of their seminal work. Leading the way is Nebari, renowned for his roots techno prowess and production style. His remix, to be released on April 26th under the prestigious “Appetizers” label, promises to captivate audiences with its pulsating beats and infectious energy.

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