Three incredibly talented producers put their brains together to produce this modernised and re-jigged version of Nelly’s world-famous smash hit ‘Hot In Herre’ alongside Bloodlyne. 

The trio of selectors fuse their ideas effortlessly together and house them inside a true classic hit in ‘Hot In Herre’. Playing with the tempo of the sample throughout helps keeps the song recognisable but also original enough to be an enthralling listen for any dance music fan. This track really sets itself apart by introducing a behemoth of a big room drop that really takes this to a place of anthemic dancefloor goodness! Crystal Rock, Pule and MARC KISS did their thing on this, be sure to check it out! 

Crystal Rock is a dance music producer and remixer from Germany who has been making waves in the industry for some time now, thanks to his star-studded array of superstar collaborators including the likes of Ne-Yo, Snoop Dogg, Jason Derulo and many more. This time, he teams up with two uber-talented producers on ‘Hot In Herre’, further adding to his arsenal of smash hit records under his belt! With so much already accomplished for Crystal Rock, who knows just how far he can take his musical journey! 

Another German talent to introduce you to is Pule; the multi-talented producing duo who made their name through their irresistible concoction of emotive guitar and synth lines with punchy house elements. Comprised of Fabian and Oliver, Pule have already achieved chart topping success with their productions as seen by last year’s single ‘Happy Ending’ along with Crystal Rock and MARC KISS. Beginning their musical synergy back in 2016, Pule have continued to master their craft before releasing on major labels like Sony, Spinnin and now Smash The House

MARC KISS is a successful DJ, producer and remixer from Germany. He combines dance with pop and house and creates the perfect sound for the environment he exists in. Organizers of the largest events and well-known festivals continue to book the all-rounder who never loses sight of the dancing crowd. Many top stars from pop and dance music enlist MARC and receive tailor-made productions and remixes. With over 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify, MARC continues to bolster his fanbase, releasing top quality music as he does so! 

Make sure you check out Crystal Rock, Pule and MARC KISS’ new anthem ‘Hot In Herre’ featuring Bloodlyne, OUT NOW! 

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