Berlin’s Radikon head honcho Jonas Saalbach returns to the label’s spotlight with an all-new six-track mini album ‘Acceleration’. The album represents nothing less than his state-of-the-art production, offering a unique insight into the artist’s mindset. The entirety of the album draws inspiration from Saalbach’s strategies for coping with the ever-growing pressures that come from keeping up with today’s technological revolutions.

Embark on a melodic journey with Saalbach’s latest work, as the fluidity of the six tracks encourages introspection amidst changing times. The lead track ‘Exo’ drives the album into full swing with a raw analog style that has been mastered over his time producing. Joining him on the track is RVLF whose longing vocals call out above a harmony of drawn-out basslines, dramatic synth patterns, and a hypnotic kick beat.

Check out the album using the link here!

In 2018, Saalbach co-founded Radikon, an electronic music imprint serving as a platform for like-minded artists. Over the past decade, he has graced hundreds of stages across five continents, including renowned events like Burning Man, Fusion Festival, and Zamna. Notably, his music works wonders on obscure live streams, performing for world-renowned platforms such as Cercle, set against the breathtaking backdrop of a Norwegian fjord and TIME:CODE that saw a live set in the stunning Krka National Park of Croatia.

Full album livestream from Sesimbra, Portugal – View here

As a producer, Saalbach showcases exceptional prolificacy, his hardware-based approach breathes new life into unique and distinctive sounds, crafting timeless dancefloor anthems packed with emotion and percussive energy. This latest album is no exception; through his music, he looks to confront the philosophical questions that linger in everyone’s minds. This is why it’s crucial to openly share feelings of uncertainty, fostering a sense of connection in the age of ‘Acceleration’.

Check out the album using the link here!

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