Embark on a sonic journey through the realms of love and passion with ‘You & I’ — a mesmerizing dance anthem brought to life by the collaborative project of liquidfive, CRÜPO, NGHTIME! and Tima Dee. This electrifying vocal house track will transport you on a nostalgic trip, exploring themes of relationships‘You & I’ promises to ignite the dance floor and tug at the heartstrings of listeners worldwide. Mark your calendars and get ready to lose yourself in the magic of ‘You & I’. 
Martin Maximilian Kotzur aka liquidfive is a German music artist who aims to establish dance-pop and electronic music internationally. The German procuder has released over 100 tracks and collaborated with many international artists such as Tom Novy, Joe Killington, ENIGMA and B Martin. liquidfive’s songs regularly end up in the international dance charts; with his track ‘Veins’ was recently placed in the top 10 of the US dance charts and tracks like ‘No Sugar‘ were internationally successful on radio. Many new songs and collaborations are locked away for the future, so keep an eye on what liquidfive has coming in the near future
CRÜPO, or Otto Kruip, is a Dutch producer who grew up in the eastern part of the Netherlands among the peaceful meadows and farms. With a musical family, he grew up with the luxury and freedom to discover his talent for producing and composing which lead him on a path to arrive at the unique style he has today. Releases like ‘Hear Me Calling’ and ‘System’ show that unmistakable skillset and production style in full effect, much like on ‘You & I’

NGHTIME! is a 25-year-old EDM artist based in Helsinki, Finland. Born in Jyväskylä, but having lived most of his childhood life in The Netherlands, NGHTIME! grew up amidst many different music cultures. He now has over 1.5 million streams on Spotify and has performed at Finland’s biggest beach festival RMJ in 2023. NGHTIME! wants to experiment with many genres and keep evolving. This is his take on dance music.  

Also joining the party is San Fran native and well-known vocalist Tima Dee. Tima found success after her initial releases, lending her voice to a wide variety of dance genres as her name began to grow within the scene. She soon found herself collaborating and releasing songs with dance heavyweights such as Richard Vission, Sikdope and more and has amassed well over 50 million streams on her work over the past few years. You can find her vocals in the blockbuster tracks like ‘Uncharted’, the Oscar nominated ‘Audible’ at clubs across the globe.                                   

Make sure you check out this new hit from liquidfive, NGHTIME!, CRÜPO & Tima Dee ‘You & I’, when it releases on May 10th, exclusively on Soave. 

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