Brace yourselves for an exciting side of two artists you’ve never seen before, as international music sensations Martin Jensen and Italian Prezioso join forces to reveal their sizzling new single, ‘Hollywood’. Jensen, known for his huge tracks including ‘Solo Dance’ and collaborations with the likes of Sam Feldt and most recently Alex Hosking on ‘Meet You There’, the house aficionado now joins with a name seminal to the Italian scene.  

Prezioso has proven throughout his three decade career that Italians really do do it better, from crafting a plethora of sounds from Italo Dance to Hard Trance – iconic to the EU space – he has also released colossal anthems. Take ‘Thunder’ with Gabry Ponte & LUMIX that hit over 500 million Spotify streams alone, over to the Gold Record ‘Hurricane’ with Blasterjaxx and the recent ‘Drink & Shout’ with ViniVici, there is no angle in the studio that can’t turn into a Midas Touch release that will wow.  

Here, ‘Hollywood’ is a scorching track that promises to send listeners on an adrenaline-fueled ride through the realms of irresistible pleasure and pain. “Loving you just hurts so damn good / let you break my heart in Hollywood” sings the enthralling vocal intro, delivered with electrifying speed that sets the stage for a rollercoaster ride, showing its teeth as a release that can stand tall on the dancefloor.  

As the beats evolve, a high-tempo piano chord structure emerges, igniting a blaze that propels the listener into a world where time distorts and emotions run wild. A ticking clock-like percussive beat brings a sense of anticipation and urgency as the high-flying topline, brimming with raw intensity, narrates a story of emotions that are both irresistibly captivating and achingly raw. With each note, ‘Hollywood’ invites the audience to explore the depths of sensation, transcending music and evolving into an enthralling dynamo. And then, the chorus erupts, catapulting ‘Hollywood’ into the stratosphere of high-NRG house music, double-time beats surging forward for the production to take on a heart-pounding life of its own.  

The track seamlessly nods to both modern and classic Euro dance music, making it an instant classic in the making, make sure you get your hands on ‘Hollywood’ from Martin Jensen & Prezioso – OUT NOW! 

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