Ovadia Unleashes Two-Track ‘Spiral’ EP on Purified Records

Following his massive Purified Records debut Stay Connected earlier this year, rapidly rising talent Ovadia returns to the imprint to reveal his highly anticipated Spiral EP.

Stream / Purchase: Ovadia – Spiral EP

With every release, Ovadia gains recognition for his innovative and daring production style, and his Spiral EP is a testament to his growth and evolution as an artist. Employing growling bass and hypnotic chants to grandiose effect, Spiral is a hard-hitting number that has been igniting dancefloors around the globe all summer long. Jumping straight into the B-side track, ADSR continues to flaunt his bold sound, combining industrial synth stabs with spoken vocals, adding yet another dancefloor heater to his flourishing catalogue.
Speaking about the release, Ovadia said:
When I started creating ‘Spiral’, my goal was to bring out the line of Ovadia’s sound. In the past, I experimented with several genres, and I wanted to give them a place in this EP.  I think this is the first EP that I brought 100 percent of myself, and I have loved seeing crowds connecting with it all over the world.” 
Shachar Ovadia’s journey into music production began six years ago when he joined the Beatmaster Academy under the mentorship of musical legend Azax. Drawing inspiration and wisdom from the highest level of expertise, Ovadia’s passion remained unwavering, leading him to pursue a career in music. His unique ability to blend a variety of genres, particularly his heavyweight techno sound, helped him to break onto the scene and gain support from leading acts, including Fideles, Nora En Pure and Mark Hoffen.

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