Paul Traeumer Releases Debut Album ‘La Vaca Cega’

‘La Vaca Cega’ – the eagerly anticipated debut album from Berlin-based artist Paul Traeumer – is out now via his Kontrapost imprint. A career-defining moment for the long-standing German producer, the remarkable eight-track opus is both sonically rich and texturally diverse, providing a compelling and thought-provoking study into Traeumer’s current direction as a highly accomplished, multi-faceted artist.

At times profoundly intimate, sometimes unbound by claws of distorted reverbs, the emotional resonance of ‘La Vaca Cega’ bases its curiosity on simplicity and unpredictable melody – speaking to the physical before speaking to the mind. Like looking through a friend’s music collection, the songs change face and nestle melodic surprises within themselves in relation to each other, whilst still harmonising as a whole. 

The listening experience follows the search movement the artist has hooked on himself; from opening up cinematique pathos on “La Vaca Cega”, to irresistibly reducing rhythmic variations on “Behind Phonic Curtains“ or weaving immersive ambient on “Eau“ – some of Traeumer’s most touching melodic work finds ground right here. 

Written and produced over the past two years in his studio in Berlin, the album marks an important point in the career of an artist who constantly reinvents his sound. Speaking about the process, Traeumer commented: 

“The record was conceived during a moment of change, in which La Vaca Cega constitutes an artistic membrane that investigates the blindness of any creative process, and embraces this quest with self-irony, lyricism, freedom of expression.”

Having established himself as one of the most unique solo acts to emerge onto the Berlin electronic music scene over the past few years, Paul Traeumer’s rise to notoriety has been impressive to say the least. Classically trained, he has managed to carve a reputation as one of the most dynamic performing artists on the circuit, tastefully straddling the fence between electronic producer and live musician.

Unlike many artists who find inspiration from within the clubs, it was the opposite for Paul, whose first entry into clubs around Europe, came from his music. Through years of producing, his sound shed new light into inhabited scenery. Experimenting with global underground music, he has released a varying catalogue of works that try new ways of dance.

The unique sound of his own productions and strong presence on stage have brought him to some of the most revered venues around the world, including Kater Blau (Berlin), Club Chinois (Ibiza), Leveldva (Moscow), Culture Box (Copenhagen), Departamento (Mexico City), Mensch Meier (Berlin), Beate Uwe (Berlin), Kauz (Zurich), Mumush Festival (Romania), Noisily Festival (UK), Habitat Festival (Hamburg), Z-Bau (Nürnberg), Sektor Evolution (Dresden), Lucy’s Sky (Düsseldorf), Mareld (Stockholm), Blanc (Moscow), PitchTheNoise (Como Lake), Distant Grounds Festival (Kalamata), MoloBar (Luzern) and Wilde Möhre Festival amongst others.

Paul Traeumer – La Vaca Cega is out now via Kontrapost:

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