PFENNINGERxORTNER and Igor Carmo release their remixes for Taxi252 on Pins and Needles

Taxi252’s original version of “I GOT AWAY” needs no introduction. Its unique eclectic vibes moved by catchy vocal lines has touched and inspired many people and we have received some wonderful feedback since its release in April this year.

Even more so, we are now thrilled to release two totally different interpretations of the original song with PFENNINGERxORTNER and Igor Carmo on remix duties.

The never come back mix by PFENNINGERxORTNER echoes their true signature sound of club-orientated, deep and groovy downtempo beats fused with raw basslines and epic synth sounds.

Igor Carmo’s remix on the other hand maintains with a techy, repetitive house beat, rhythmic cymbals and drum patterns, hypnotic synth patterns and effects-driven vocal snippets from the original mix.

I GOT AWAY Mixes is out on Pins and NeedlesBuy here


Igor Carmo

Pins and Needles

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