Deo Cadaver
Deo Cadaver

Resurrecting the Past: Zombie Radio – Unearthed Treasures from DEO CADAVER

Swiss DJ and producer Christophe ‘Daze’ Dasen, also known as Plastique De Rêve, has released a full-length digital album titled “Zombie Radio.” This album comprises previously unreleased tracks and instrumentals from his 1980s EBM/industrial band, “DEO CADAVER,” available on Bandcamp.

The album is a true old-school concept, depicting the cadaver of a broken radio, a “Zombie Radio,” half-buried in a voodoo swamp. Suddenly, it reawakens from an unknown invisible energy, playing music from a bygone era – the music of “DEO CADAVER.” The tracks span different points in space-time, reflecting the band’s evolution and influences over their six-year existence.

The tracks are presented chronologically, dating from 1987 to 1993, aligning with their respective creation dates. Listeners are advised to explore the Zombie Radio‘s channel tuning throughout the entire album playlist, as the band’s equipment, sound, and influences underwent significant changes over time.

Release Date: Friday, October 13, 2023 Bandcamp Link:

All tracks were written, produced, and performed by Daze Dasen & Marco Marchi, except for tracks 14, 18, and 19, which were written, produced, and performed by Daze Dasen, Marco Marchi, and Thierry Van Osselt in Geneva, Switzerland, spanning the years 1987 to 1993. (c) SUISA

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