Tañen Furo: Idoipe's Musical Journey through the Aragonese Pyrenees
Tañen Furo: Idoipe's Musical Journey through the Aragonese Pyrenees

Tañen Furo: Idoipe’s Musical Journey through the Aragonese Pyrenees

Zaragoza-based artist Idoipe embarks on an inspiring journey through the northern mountains of Aragón. He has just released what is not only his second full-length album but also the soundtrack for the documentary that bears his name, “Tañen Furo.” This documentary narrates the life of the artist and his experiences in the Aragonese Pyrenees, where the sounds of the region seamlessly intertwine with electronic music.

After releasing several singles that delved into Aragonese folklore, Idoipe presented his debut album, ‘Cierzo lento’, in 2021, blending his background as a musician, electronic influences, and a profound love for his homeland.

This work caught the attention of an independent label in Madrid, which provided him with the opportunity to perform on various stages across Spain.

Currently, Idoipe is embarking on an expedition through the mountains of northern Aragón, with the hope of finding inspiration and natural resources to infuse a musical essence into every sound he encounters: the whisper of the wind, the babbling of water, the jingling of cattle bells, the roar of waterfalls, traditional instruments, the strike of axes… He aims to merge these with his electronic foundations, all with the purpose of crafting new compositions.

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