Romanian DJ/producer Skytters is back and better than ever with his new dancefloor filling party track ‘Rock ‘N Bass’, a groovy, bouncy and deep release on the acclaimed Smash Deep division of Smash The House!

Carrying on his steady momentum from 2022, the upcoming producer from Romania is back for the first time in 2023 and ready to pick up where he left off with ‘Rock ‘N Bass’. Skytters, or Alex Mihali, are enjoying an organic rise to prominence in the industry, with each release seemingly more polished and presentable than the one before. His two most recent efforts have really put him out in to the wider EDM community, with ‘Mama Say’ on Slagelhag Records being his stand-out work so far with the numbers to back it up!

Skytters is the musical project from the brain of Alex Mihali, hehas been making waves in his short but industrious career so far. With releases on Revealed, Skink, Dirty Dutch and now Smash The House, Skytters is continuing to put together a path to the top of the industry with each release. The Romanian selector has a great understanding of the scene and the type of music he wants to make, this is evident through his assured and confident live performance style and ability to produce hit after hit on the biggest labels!

Make sure you check out Skytters’ new hit ‘Rock ‘N Bass’ when it releases on 15th September, exclusively on Smash Deep!

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