Trikk Returns to Innervisions with ‘Rigor’

Delivering his first original production of 2024, renowned electronic music producer Trikk announces the release of his latest single, ‘Rigor’, on prestigious Berlin-based record label Innervisions. The visceral new offering marks the latest addition to Trikk’s expansive sonic repertoire, further showcasing his mastery in crafting immersive sonic experiences that resonate with listeners worldwide.

The direction of ‘Rigor’ is clear from the start, deeply shaking the dance floor with a sound design so vivid you can lick it. A staple in Trikk’s performances over the past few months, the track embodies an unmistakable energy, eliciting a primal response from audiences with its pulsating basslines and emotive melodies. 

The artwork accompanying ‘Rigor’ serves as a visual interpretation of the track’s mood and intensity. For this, Trikk and Innervisions have collaborated with Joao Castro’s The Royal Studio to craft self-portraits that evoke the true essence of the music. These images provide a foundation for further elements, creating a captivating visual narrative that complements the music seamlessly.

Innervisions – known for its discerning curation and commitment to musical innovation – provides the perfect platform for Trikk’s latest creation. The label’s reputation for fostering artistic expression aligns seamlessly with Trikk’s vision, making ‘Rigor’ a natural fit for its catalogue of forward-thinking releases.

Born and raised in the vibrant cultural hub of Porto, Portugal, Trikk is a visionary electronic music producer known for his innovative approach to sound design and genre-defying compositions. With a discography spanning across multiple esteemed labels and a dedicated global following, Trikk continues to push the boundaries of electronic music, captivating audiences with his distinctive sonic aesthetic.

Trikk – Rigor is out now via Innervisions:

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