Tripolism Releases New Single ‘Ras In France’

Expanding upon their impeccable run of new music, much-hyped Danish outfit Tripolism present their latest hit single ‘Ras In France’. Commanding global attention following the release of their hit record ‘Dope Dance’ last year, the trio have showcased a level of versatility far beyond their years; from the playful palettes of ‘Whatever We Call It’ and ‘Soultrain’ to the atmospheric soundscapes of ‘Luna Love’. Now unveiling ‘Ras In France’, dance music’s hottest commodity continues their ascendency to global stardom. 

Out now via Ultra Records, Tripolism’s ‘Ras In France’ is a true tour de force that blends heady synth arrangements with organic percussion and layers of vocal patterns. Testament to the trio’s evolution, the new single is a refined cut that showcases the trio’s diverse creative nuances, whilst also staying true to Tripolism’s familiar Nordic-noir roots. With its ever-so-cool blend of textures, timbres and rhythms, it presents another facet to the group’s sound profile; one that champions a more laidback spirit. 

Speaking about the single, Tripolism commented:

“At first glance ‘Ras in France’ seems like a typical, happy summer song, but it comes with a breeze of melancholy. It’s a song about being separated, a theme echoed in its creation process. Bryn was in Denmark, Fred in Italy and Ras in France. Despite the physical distance, bits and parts were exchanged. Fred made the beat on his laptop, Ras recorded the vocals on a mountain side in the Alps – on his iPhone – and Bryn collected it all in Copenhagen. Now the song is out there for everyone – ready to be enjoyed together on dance floors, beaches or just at home alone, and although it might sound a bit different from our other works, we are proud of the result. We hope it will make you dance, be happy and take a moment to be thankful about being right where you are … Hopefully with the people you love around you. Despite the distance, each note and lyric in ‘Ras in France’ is filled with the collective energy of our collaboration, making it a truly special piece.”

Proving equally worthy for the club circuit and at-home listening spaces alike, Tripolism’s fresh offering sees Ras, Bryn and Fred reaching into the depths of their musical repertoires and influences, as they weave an eclectic tapestry of soundscapes. Crafting something that is both warmly nostalgic and richly contemporary, the track represents a new chapter for the trio, one marked by innovation, creativity and a commitment to forging their own path in an ever-evolving scene.

Tripolism – Ras In France is out now via Ultra Records:

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